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Restoring Over Night Cream



Key Features

“Pollution, sun and stress damages the skin daily that causes ageing, dull and dry skin.”

Fleur and berries Restoring Night Cream works on your skin during night and repairs it.

  • Moisturises skin
  • Slows down ageing process
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Nourishes skin deeply
  • Reduces inflammation, redness and skin sensitivity.
  • Skin Type:  For Dry/ Normal skin
  • Quantity- 50 gms


Oilve Oil, Vitamin E and Green tea contains anti-oxidant that slows down the ageing process, nourishes and soothes skin. Jojoba oil reduces the effect of sun and prevent water loss from skin. These ingredients together repairs and heals the skin and reduces inflammation. Lotus, cranberry and cucumber extract moisturises the skin making it healthy.


  • Jojoba Oil– It Moisturises Skin, Reduces Wrikles and signs of ageing and skin Inflammation. It reduces Sun Tan and acts as a good skin cleanser.
  • Olive Oil– It acts as an anti-oxidant that prevents premature ageing, It contains Vitamin -A,D,E & K which are beneficial for skin. It is a popular natural moisturiser.
  • Vitamin E– It Moisturises Skin , Treats Sunburn, lightens dark spots and Cleanse skin. It Reverses premature skin ageing.
  • Green Tea Extract– It Contains high contents of Polyphenols making it a strong anti-inflammatory ingredient. It Reduces irritation, Redness and soothes skin. It is full of Vitamin B2 and E, both essential for skin health.
  • Liquorice Extract– It Brightens up the Skin tone, Fades blemishes and Dark spots. It has excellent healing properties.
  • Lotus Extract– It Moisturises and Hydrates skin , also helps in increasing skin elasticity reducing Fine lines and fading Age spots.
  • Cranberry ExtractIt Contains Vitamin C,A and other antioxidant compound that reduces the early signs of Fine lines , wrinkles , Age spots and dark spots. It also protects skin from Harmful UV Radiation, reduces Skin Pigmentation and Detoxify skin.


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