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“Say No To Toxins & Yes to Healthy Skin”
-Fleur and Berries

Developed in India by a team of skin-care specialists, We at  Fleur and Berries Company has created a range of excellent skincare products that are specifically formulated to repair, maintain and restore your skin using only the high end actives and  raw materials. These products have been built on years of technical expertise and are widely tried and tested on different skin types.

Inspired by nature and  its rich element is Sustainable life, Fleur and Berries unfolds nature’s boundless secret and delivers the gift of vitality to your skin. We are devoted  to providing the best beauty assortment for natural beauty around the world.

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We are just not a marketing company,
We believe in continuous research and invest a lot in R&D.


No Harmful chemicals!!


We Understand that Skin, Eyes and Hair follicles gets adversely affected by
Chemicals , Hence our entire Product collection is free from Sulphates, Parabens,
Phthalates, Mineral Oils. Our Products are Cruelty Free, hence There are No Animal
Derivates and Not Tested on Animals as well.

100% Ethical


We deliver what we claim. We use the best of ingredients that gives you a proper skin care advantage.

Pocket & Skin friendly


Our complete product range are near to nature, where we have picked the best of natural ingredients and actives from all over the world to deliver the best results on Indian skin type at a very optimized price.

Skin Care Under One Roof

We offer end to end skin care products especially designed by our cosmetologist for Indian skin type and weather conditions. We not only offer products, but also offer experience.